Announcers and the Radio Business Explained

“An announcer is the individual who is dedicated to presenting news or music on the radio and television.”

This is the information you’ll find on many Internet sites, however, the description is poor and anachronistic to define what a speaker today. Now, in the era of Web 2.0, the rules of the game have changed radically.

The broadcaster is responsible for giving life to many projects using as a vehicle the “Voice”, developing their work in real time thanks to the different protocols data transfer that allows you to deliver material to the remotest places on the planet .

Developing your Own Voice Business

For that and more, a speaker is no longer just a broadcaster now has taken its rightful place, the place of the interpreter and accomplice, who transmits messages to different audiences, making use of a number of both technological resources and intellectual for to this end with the greatest possible efficiency.

The vast majority of individuals think that studying the career of Communication Sciences or a degree in journalism, will allow them to become great speakers, this is false, because although these degrees address the issue partially in one or two semesters, is very difficult for the individual to understand the breadth of the discipline in such a short time.

The Discipline of the Presenter

While it is true, in the past not studying for speaker as such, because it was a trade that was learned in the radio booth, which also meant that many stakeholders acquire very bad habits in the use of the instrument vocal; Of course! … But their marked exceptions.

For some years now there learning centers or specialized schools for those interested in developing within the office of speaker. In Mexico City, for example, you can find schools like: Natural and Scenic Art Talent or The University of Voice of master Tena Curiel (RIP), Spot Patricia Palestino Palestino, Connie Troncoso, CEUVOZ (Center Studies for the Use of the Voice) and a series of solo teachers have developed methods for imparting class.

Personally, the method I can recommend is PUBLIC SPEAKING: COURSE OF PHRASE FOR CHILDREN FROM 12 TO 99 YEARS, which consists of an Ebook with audiovisual material that serves as a guide for those interested in entering the world of voice, enabling them to start their training from home in an orderly fashion, besides being economically very accessible, more information at this website; however, it is best to have a classroom teacher, as long as they enjoy a careful race in the middle and verifiable studies to back it up.

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